© Stephen Locke

© Stephen Locke

The Kansas City Society for Contemporary Photography is a community of regional photographers and collectors presenting and promoting the photographic arts.



Welcome to the new Kansas City Society for Contemporary Photography (KCSCP)

The original Society for Contemporary Photography was founded in April of 1984 by local photography collector Dr. Antonio Racela with a mission to promote contemporary photo media and its interconnection with wider art practices.  After decades of exhibitions, educational programming and community service showcasing photographers and photography from around the globe, the SCP was dissolved in 2007.

A lot has changed in photography since then, and last year (2014) five of the original members (also previous board members) met to discuss the possibility of a new SCP, building on the original concept with a mission to identify and address the needs of today’s photographic community. They invited a core group of like-minded Kansas City photographers to help define this new direction and assemble the infrastructure for a new organization. The result is the launch this month of the new Kansas City Society for Contemporary Photography, whose aim is to identify and support local photographic artists – to educate, to create, to communicate and exhibit.

Now it is time for YOU to JOIN US.

We need YOUR input to create and shape this community. What do YOU want? What do WE need? Truly embracing a member-driven philosophy, we will shape the future of KCSCP together. Exhibition opportunities both virtual and live? Workshops? Lectures? Shooting retreats? Critiques? Formal and informal gatherings? Listings of opportunities and existing resources? The possibilities are endless.

JOIN US in shaping the future of the NEW KCSCP!