Angie Jennings


Angie Jennings utilizes her photographic skills acquired over 20 years in various styles of the photographic medium to depict stories in a single image or series. Her images are a combination of digital, film and photogravure.  She has exhibited nationally as well as internationally, Oregon, Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma and Beijing.

Modern Streets of an Ancient Empire is a project that studies the dichotomy of China and its ever-increasing modernity crossing over, sometimes, burying the great history of this most ancient country.  These images are a culmination of my travels to China in 2003 and 2010.  I was amazed at how much the cities have changed yet deep under the façade of empty construction they still hint at their history. 

I enjoy the frenetic energy of the big city, with horns honking and people chattering away. Yet amongst this cacophony I pull out scenes of a singular person or small group giving credence to the privacy of yet public action. I either wait in a spot to see what happens and how people interact within the scene or I walk with a preset, pre-focused camera and photograph spontaneously.