Angie Jennings

Portrait by David Pugh

KCSCP: How long have you been a photographic artist?

AJ: I have been a photographer for over 30 years.

KCSCP: What drew you to photography as a form of expression?

I failed miserably in my first year of college so I picked up my camera and with the help of my brother began studying photography at my local Community College.

KCSCP: Are there any artists or art styles that help inspire your work?

There are many artists. I derive inspiration from all mediums. Abstract painters, sculptures, ceramicists as well as photographers. Photographers I am inspired by are my peers along with Dora Mar, Man Ray, Dave Heath and many other contemporary photographers.

KCSCP: Has your work seen any transitions or transformations from when you first began in this medium? If so, in what way?

When I first began my study I had fancied myself as a fashion photographer. Ha! I realized that this was not me at all. I transitioned into commercial, small product and food. I also love doing portraits. this is the one subject that has been my mainstay through out my career. I enjoy the art of creating the best possible portrait for any human. I tended to go all in on a subject depending on the photographer I was working with. Such as food then landscape. I found a serenity in making landscape images. The peace as the lens is locked open in that moment I can study the scene as the film was getting exposed and breath in the air. As time went on and my interests changed by way of moving from one place to another, it was my first long stay in China when I found another voice in this medium. Street photography and documentary. I found a great avenue to recording my 6 months in China documenting the streets and life around me. This lead me to photograph in Washington D.C., Chicago and New Orleans. Still doing portraits in between. Currently I am visiting the abstract. Creating worlds with regular ingredients and a new creature from a creature that has met its demise through digital manipulation.

KCSCP: With the the quarantine in place, how are you using your photography to deal with being in isolation?

I photograph around my duplex, the park across the street or I will go into work and capture images of the empty building and grounds for upcoming services.

Haystack Heart, Bandon Oregon, 1999
The 8, Fuding, China , 2010
Asomatous Series-Sometimes Just One Second, 2018
Atomosphere C, 2020
Social Distancing, April 8, 2020 Day 20
Pandemic – Quarantine Day 25 – April 12, 2020