Current and Future Exhibits

Finding Peace, Finding Center:  Member’s Show

Leedy Art Center

2012 Baltimore Ave, Kansas City, MO 64108

Fee for members:                $25 (you will be invoiced after                                                              submission)
Deadline for entry:               July 1st
Notifications:                        July 12th
Drop off artwork:                  July 31st, 2017- Leedy Art Center
Opening Reception:            August 4, 2017 6pm

Submit 5 images and a brief statement talking about how the images reflect finding peace, finding center.  If files are titled as in the example below they will move on to be curated, if they are not titled as instructed they will not be considered.

Email entries to kansascityscp@gmail.com
Subject line:  Finding Peace, Finding Center
We will be choosing 1-3 images from each member.

All files must be titled as such:     LastName_FirstName_Title.jpg
Resolution:  1040mp on the long end
Print Parameters
Any size, (we have a big space at our disposal and we’d like to use it all)
If framed:  Professionally framed with white museum mat, black or white wood frame and wired for installation. NO cleats.
If not framed: Must be professionally mounted and wired for installation. NO cleats.

In these tumultuous times of personal stress, full schedules, a barrage of negativity on social media and news,  we find that peace and centering ourselves becomes more and more difficult.  So, for you as a photographic artist, how do you define peace in your work or world?  Is it that quiet moment by the water or under a canopy of trees and sky in meditation? Is it with your family?  Is it creating images from your imagination?  On a walk? Exploring life?  What brings you peace and back to center? This may seem a complex question, but it is one that we’d like to see how you interpret through your work.

Everyone will be represented, and KCSCP board of directors will curate the work and choose 1-3 of everyone’s submission.  So really search your soul and tell us how you are Finding Peace, Finding Center.


2016 Main Gallery

2016 Main, Kansas City, MO 64108

Opening June 2

Closes June 27

To view after opening call or text Angie for an appointment.

angie@2016mainkc.com, 816-807-4793

This is a members group exhibit featuring images printed on  4″ square paper.  These small images are reminiscent of the old snapshot and force you to come close, look and search the fine details.  This is the second year for this show.





Sense of Place:  Members Exhibit

April 7-June 4th

Sense of Place explores the relationship between place and culture, in addition to individual and collective identity.

©Ron Anderson, Longview Farm Office Building, 1916 and 2016

An artist’s relationship to geography, topography, and the land, can assist in the study and utilization of its effects on character and psyche in their art process. For others this the way place impacts the feeling and perception of those who reside and work in a specific place. However, place can define a culture and shape identity by living in and absorbing the environment.  An artist may delve into how geography and culture interact, as well as shape and define a culture.

A sense of place can define where we live as special or unique, and that foster a sense of attachment, authenticity and a profound sense of belonging.

Opening Reception- April, 7 2017, 4p-7p

Albrecht Kemper Museum of Art

2818 Frederick Ave, St Joseph, MO 64506

Gallery Hours:  Tuesday-Friday 10a-4p, Saturday-Sunday, 1-4p

Join us on April 7, 2017 as we celebrate our own “Sense of Place”.

Current Works 2017

OCTOBER 13 – NOVEMBER 10, 2017

A juried photography exhibition presented in partnership with Kansas City Artists Coalition.

The entries will be through CaFE .  We are in the planning stages and will update as things progress.  We recommend you begin to think about the works you have been working on in the past year and half.

Go to the Current Works 2017 detail page or CaFE for more information.