Gary Hodson

How long have you been a photographic artist?

I have been interested in photography, in fits & spurts, for most of my life. I began pursuing photography more seriously around 2000.

What drew you to photography as a form of expression?

I have always had an interest in art in general. A family trip to New York, a Brownie camera & a single roll of film kick stated my interest in photography. College classes in photography taught techniques & introduced me to photography as an art form. The immediacy of a photograph and its inherent nature of capturing a single moment in time intrigues me.

Are there any artists or art styles that help inspire your work?

Two contemporary photographers have inspired me the most, primarily by their example, their art & their encouragement. They are Seattle Photographer John Armstrong & Kansas City Photographer Bill Thomas. Of course, I have also admired & studied the work of legendary photographers such as Sam Abell, Dorothea Lange, Pau Buscato, Jim Marshall, to name just a few.

With the quarantine in place, how are you using your photography to deal with being in isolation?

I am using this time to more thoroughly explore my immediate surroundings. I am also attempting to better organize my prints. Printing photographs is my ultimate goal.

What else would you like us to know about you and your work?

Bio: Photography continues to inspire Gary Hodson to appreciate the details in his surroundings and provides a path to explore, expand & challenge his creative interests. Gary Hodson’s subject matter remains diverse and includes humor, irony, contradictions, symbolism & simple beauty in its many forms. Artist Statement: The intent is to create images that cause the viewer to pause & contemplate what they are seeing. A photograph can engage a person in a visual conversation & encourage their imagination to create a story fitting the image. I am intrigued by how a single image can be interpreted so differently by each individual and can produce a wide range of reactions and emotions.