Member’s Portfolio Walk In partnership with Open Spaces’ Expanded Field, October 17, 2018


In partnership with Open Spaces‘ Expanded Field





Date and Time:  October 17th, 5 PM to PM

Location: El Torreon Event Space

                 3101 Gillham Rd.

                 Kansas City, MO 64109


The Portfolio Walk is an opportunity to introduce Kansas City to our local photographic artists, whose work exemplifies the breadth and depth of the photographic arts in our region. 

20 artists will show and talk about their work to the general public in an informal “open house” setting.  The purpose of this event is to assist new artists in becoming more comfortable while discussing their work, their ideas and concepts as expressed through the photographic medium; or if they are seasoned artists, to broaden their audience. The artists will engage in conversation with the public and introduce future and current collectors to photography as an art form. 

This is a free, informal event to further the voice of the photographic art form in Kansas City and to meet a lot of wonderful artists. 

The Artists

Cort Anderson | Bryan Atkinson | Jeff Burk | Kirk Decker | Chuong Doan | Darrin Dressler | John Hans | Frank Hamilton | Gary Hodson | Angie Jennings | Eric Klamm | Laura Lloyd | Lea Murphy | Jon Onstot | David Pugh | Anne Smith | Dan Videtich | Tina West | Steve Wilson | Don Wolfe