Sizing up the new space.

We are eagerly awaiting the opening of our new space and working on our Start Up Residency, awarded to us by the Charlotte Street Foundation. It is located in the Pendleton Arts Block on 2300 Independence Ave. We are preparing and gearing up for new programming, exhibitions and community outreach.

Stay tuned…

April 15th, 2020

Well, as you may have guessed our gallery and programs have been sidelined by this pandemic. We hope to put a few things on our site to encourage you to stay home and create. We are also going to work on a member spot light. This will be posted here and on social media so look out for the questionnaire. We will also start work on Current Works 2020 so check that out too. Emails to come. We are still here.

We wish you all a safe and productive time as we move forward.